Chauffeur insurance is a form of taxi insurance that protects taxi drivers and their passengers against the risk of injury or damage to their vehicles as well as the loss of personal belongings such as baggage, clothing, and other items. The most common type of chauffeur, or car service, is a limousine or taxi cab. Limousines are usually hired for weddings, parties, and other special occasions. Taxis are typically for shorter trips between two destinations.

Chauffeur insurance differs from taxi insurance in that it also covers liability for property damage.

The variation between chauffeur insurance and private hire insurance can be complex. The main differences are:

  • A chauffeured vehicle will not have a two-way radio.
  • Chauffeurs will not take payments in the vehicle but payments will be settled by an account’s invoice.
  • Only Company related vehicles will be covered for chauffeur insurance.

Types of Chauffeur Insurance: 

  • physical damage coverage 
  • liability coverage

Physical damage coverage pays for repairs or replacement costs for automobiles in case they're involved in an accident 

Liability coverage protects the driver from any resulting financial damages (e.g., car accidents, bodily injury). Chauffeur Insurance can be purchased through an individual agent or an insurance company.

The main difference between Chauffeur Insurance and Private Hire Insurance?

As a chauffeur, you'll be transporting visitors who've booked your offerings properly earlier and as such, you'll recognize who you're touring with and wherein you're going.

There could be no 2-way radio withinside the car and no last-minute bookings.

As trips are booked properly earlier and on an extra expert basis, chauffeurs generally tend now no longer to hold coins as the entirety is usually settled via way of means of the bill earlier.

Executive hires drivers via way of means of nature force government cars that have a tendency to be higher maintained. This method alternative cars could be of comparable quality to your contemporary car.

Chauffeur Insurance Is best For?

The people who are driving cabs must look for taxi insurance. This is one of the fundamental requirements for licensing. It protects the business and the people who work within the business.

Chauffeur insurance is best for drivers who are often charged to transport people from one point to another. Some vehicle owners take additional coverage along with the chauffeur car insurance, as the vehicle insurance. The most common vehicle insurance that is taken is for luxury vehicles like limousines because they are very expensive and any damage to the car will require a huge amount of money towards repair and remodeling.

If you plan to open a chauffeur operated car hire service then you need to consider buying a whole new set of insurance. For example, if you have multiple vehicles and multiple drivers operating these vehicles then you need to consider buying what is known as the fleet insurance policy. This policy is a comprehensive policy that covers almost all the aspects including road traffic accidents, damage due to vandalism, fire accidents, theft or loss of property, and third-party liability along with Chauffeur car insurance.

Benfits Of Chauffeur Insurance

There are many benefits to chauffeur insurance. Some of them are:

  • The cost is usually cheaper, as the coverage is lower.
  • It offers more coverage for less price, covering both third party fire and theft - as well as criminal damage up to €5000 which might not be covered under standard cover.
  • Chauffeur insurance can grant its policyholders up to three years of a replacement vehicle if the policy holder's vehicle gets stolen or destroyed by fire or natural disaster.
  • Chauffeur insurance protects against the medical costs of the driver and passengers in an accident, which means it's useful for both public and private hire drivers.

How to find the best Chauffeur Insurance? 

The best place to get cheap Chauffeur car insurance is to search on the internet. Many websites offer different kinds of policies available. One can visit these websites and read about different policies and if interested in them can buy them online. These sites also offer a huge reduction if they are purchased from their site.

It is also your responsibility to ensure you plan your journeys effectively to make sure you get the clients where they need to be in good time. If you do decide to go it alone, the first thing you'll need is to buy or lease an appropriate vehicle, but there are some other major considerations too, not least insurance and licensing.

To find out more about how we can help you get the best Chauffeur Insurance deals for your business, call and talk to one of our staff members.

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