Five-star Rating Air Conditioner Myths Busted

 The Indian market is flooded with various air conditioner designs, brands, and features. But should that be our ideal choice? What are the other myths around ACs? This article will deal with some of the common AC myths that bind most customers.

 MYTH 1An AC with a five-star rating is better than ACs with lower ratings.

 Higher ratings are what govern most of our shopping considerations. For example, most people blindly purchase a five-star air conditioner considering it to be better than a lower-rated AC in the market. But it would help if you note that not all five-star ACs are designed and manufactured using the same technology and materials. A good measure of an AC is the ISEER or The Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This ratio depicts the quantity of heat removed from the AC. The thumb rule is that the higher the ISEER, the more efficient is your AC. You must also consider your usage, budget, et cetera before deciding which AC to purchase.

 MYTH 2: An AC always throws out fresh, purified air.

Since our AC throws out cool air, most of us feel that it has to be fresh and free of pollutants. However, note that most ACs do not carry fresh air from outside. Instead, they recirculate the same air after cooling it.

 MYTH 3: Air conditioners can weaken your immune system.

Contrary to what people say, air conditions do not cause cold or fever. Sitting in an air conditioner room can make you more vulnerable to illnesses like the cold but they aren’t responsible for what causes a cold. You must be careful if you already have a cold or viral as the ACs can recirculate the infected air and affect others. This most commonly occurs in centralized ACs.

 MYTH 4You should use air conditioners only during the summer months.

At our homes, we switch on our air conditioners only during the hot summer months. However, some air conditioners also have the dehumidifier feature, which can be used during the monsoon season. Additionally, most split air conditioners offer both hot and cool functions, thus making them suitable to be used throughout the year.

 MYTH 5: You do not have to clean your air conditioner unless you have to use it.

We often get a tune-up done only before the summers. However, technicians advise getting your AC checked regularly even when it is not in use. This helps detect any serious damage and helps save costs on maintenance later. In addition, not getting your AC checked regularly can lead to a build-up of dirt and grime, affecting the unit's efficiency.

 MYTH 6: You should not use fans with the AC as it is harmful.

Fans circulate air, or rather they move air around the room. Switching them on while using an air conditioner does not cause any harm to the human body. It is completely your decision if you want to keep the fans or off while also using an air conditioner. The essential thing is to use your air conditioner smartly, without piling up the electricity costs.


Almost all homes have an air conditioner, be it a 5-star air conditioner or a 3-star air conditioner. It has become an essential product and is as important as a refrigerator for us. Especially in cities where there is extreme heat during Summers, it is almost impossible to imagine living without an AC. However, before you invest in an air conditioner for your place, you must pay attention to the air conditioner price. It is also important to go through the myths listed above to make a successful investment. All in all, make sure you invest your money in the right kind of air conditioner because there is nothing more upsetting than an inefficient air conditioner during summers.

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